In the fortuitous twists of life's journey, you encounter someone with whom an instant, profound connection unfolds. Shared thoughts become an unspoken language, laughter spreads like a delightful contagion, and suddenly, everything feels right. As you spend time together, a transformative healing takes place, accompanied by an unspoken desire for these moments to transcend the boundaries of time. The ElIVA collection emerges from the essence of this connection, a unique journey of discovery with an uncertain destination. Divided into three acts—LEI, LUI, and LORO—it explores the dynamics of self-discovery and the impact of meaningful relationships. LEI delves into the contrasts within oneself, LUI embarks on an introspective quest for identity, and LORO portrays the bittersweet beauty of shared journeys that sometimes diverge, yet leave an indelible mark. This collection captures the path to deeper understanding of self, life, and others.