About Elia Furlanis
Capturing the timeless allure of the female figure through the artistry of photography.”

FemFigure marks the natural evolution of SensualBody, following the conclusion of this collaborative venture in 2023. This is Elia's deeply personal new journey.
Born in Italy in 1994, Elia discovered his passion for photography early on, making it a constant and central element throughout his life. A self-taught photographer with a background in STEM, he seamlessly combines technical expertise with artistic vision. His artistic journey began as an exploration of various subjects, but it was the captivating allure of nature, combined with a desire to depict the intricate connection between humanity and the environment, that led to the inclusion of female nude subjects in his work. Nude photography, with its profound exploration of the female figure, soon became the hallmark inspiration for his most notable pieces.
Elia's works have traversed international borders, exhibited in prominent art hubs from Paris to New York and Milan, and featured in different magazines. Through his lens, he not only captures the external beauty of landscapes and figures but delves into the deeper realms of emotion and introspection. As he forges a path of self-discovery and artistic evolution, his photography resonates with a timeless celebration of the human spirit and the interconnectedness of nature and humanity.

About SensualBody - Historical
Fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the human form and the natural world, through the lens of fine art nude photography.”
SensualBody was a photography duo, active between 2019 and 2023, who captured memories through their lenses. Their passion for fine art nude photography led them to create unique images that showcased the beauty of the human form in the midst of unspoiled nature.
The collaboration reached its conclusion in 2023, paving the way for new artistic horizons.
Publications / Exhibitions:
2024 | ImageNation Milan [TBA] - Milano, Italia
2024 | NFT.NYC [April 03-05] - New York, USA
2024 | ImageNation NYC [March 29-31] - New York, USA
2024 | Vivaz Magazine [San Valentine Issue]
2023 | ImageNation Paris [November 10-12] - Paris, France
2022 | NudaMag: Natural Bodies & Real Stories [Issue 17]
2022 | MARIKA Magazine May 2022 [Issue 2319]
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